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GUITIAN Late Harvest 2011

A sweet wine made from made from grapes harvested late with a marked Atlantic style which we made in 2011 from that year’s grapes, we were able to count on an exceptionally sunny autumn which permitted the grapes a prolonged ripening on the vines and the harvesting was done in the highest of the plantations near Christmas time.


The must having an elevated amount of sugars, is fermented slowly at a low temperature throughout four weeks, the fermentation stopped of its own volition, and was surprisingly sweet. After aging in a tank for six months during the winter of 2011 and the spring of 2012, the wine was bottled in June, of 2012, and was stored for three years, aged in the bottle, in the cellar.


Visual phase:

Clear, brilliant, golden yellow with green hues.


Olfactory phase:

Intense and complex stone fruit aromas (peach) and citrus fruits (Orange rind and Chinotto oranges), vegetal hints (Fennel) and a white flower finish (orange blossom).


-Complex and intense, reminiscent of apricots, Mirabelle plums, hints of honey, honeycomb wax, mycological notes, dried white flowers, aromatic herbs and nutmeg (Guía Gourmet).

-White flowers, greatly and delicately sweet and sour, having vegetal expression, Floral (Acacia), musky and ripe Quince background (Guía La Semana Vitivinícola)

-Intense, like the smell on entering a sweet shop: candied fruit, wine gums, jams, aniseed and boiled sweets. (Guía de Vinos y Destilados de Galicia)

-Intense, citric (lime), stone fruits: peach and yellow plum, honey notes and a Quince, flesh, back ground. (Vivir el vino)

-Fine hydrocarbon and musk tones, which decorate the dominant ripe white fruit aromas, with an honest and healthy nose. (Andrés Proensa)


Tasting phase:

Strong tasting and fresh, excellent sweet and sour balance, having great length and aromatic persistence and complexity.



The evolution of the wine in the bottle is excellent, reaching more complex hues, where in addition aromas of kerosene, honey, bitter orange peel and dried fruit, being fresh and full of aromatic sensations in the mouth.

Varietal composition: Godello 100%

Alcoholic strength (% per Vol):12 %

Total acidity (g/l TH2). 7

Volatile acidity (gr /l):0.9

Depleted sugars (gr /l):100

Total sulphur dioxide mg/l):150

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