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-Harvest using shallow picking containers.

-De-stemming and crushing.

-Skin contact  prior to fermentation at low temperature.

-Pressing by pneumatic press (low pressure).

-Cold settling (8ºC).

-Fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Temperature controlled (16º-18ºC)

- Lees contact prior to bottling.

-Clarification, cold stabilisation, filtration and bottling.

- Two months in bottle in the winery prior to sell.


- Gold color with green hints.

- Pronounced intensity and complex aromas of stone fruit (peach), citrus fruit (grapefruit) with herbal notes (fennel) and white flowers. 

-Fresh and pronounced palate, long and complex finish.


The evolution of the wine in the bottle is excellent, reaching more complex hues, where in addition aromas of kerosene, honey, bitter orange peel and dried fruit, being fresh and full of aromatic sensations in the mouth.

GUITIAN young wine 2020

Varietal composition: Godello 100%

Alcoholic strength (% per Vol):13,5%

Total acidity (g/l TH2): 5.5

pH: 3,3

Volatile acidity (Gr /l):0.3 

Depleted sugars (gr/l):1,2

Total sulphur dioxide mg/l):110 

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