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GUITIAN fermented in acacia casks


Varietal composition: Godello 100%

Alcoholic strength (% per Vol):13.5 %

Total acidity (g/l TH2): 5.5

pH: 3.3

Volatile acidity (gr /l):0.4

Depleted sugars (gr /l):1.7

Total sulphur dioxide mg/l):120

Only made in exceptional years and with a very limited production (500-1,000 bottles) made using a part of our best grapes, fermented in Acacia wood casks.


Acacia wood has far less tannins than Oak, particularly when it comes to bitter and astringent elegant tannins, exhibiting somewhat higher concentrations of flavonoids, which coupled with a greater permeability, provides the wine with a rather more intense golden colour. The aromas which are released into the wine are very different to those like coconut, vanilla, and spices typical of oak, releasing much more subtle perfumes which remind one of exotic woods like sandal and Incense among others.


In the mouth these wines turn out to nave more body having greater volume and body, due to the abundant release of polysaccharides contained in this wood, let us not forget that from this species Arabic or Acacia gum is obtained, being used also in wine making as a colloid stabilizer and as an additive for increasing the sensation of volume in the mouth. The degree of toasting shouldn’t be too elevated so as to preserve the peculiar aromatic characteristics that this wood has to offer and to also avoid the aromatic deformation produced by a very toasted wood, it has smoky and coal notes which can undermine the aromas of the varietals present in the wine.


Visual phase:

Clear, brilliant, golden yellow with green hues.


Olfactory phase:

Intense and complex stone fruit aromas (peach) and citrus fruits (Grapefruit), Dried fruits (Almonds) and vegetal hints (Fennel), all of which are in harmony with the aromas originating in the Acacia casks (oriental woods: sandal and incense)

-Aromatic and notably intense, reminiscent of Apple, Quince, vanilla, toasted Butter, Balsamic, Minerals and white flowers. (Guía Gourmets)

-Intense aroma, elegant Terpene or Resin touch, Toasted wood, dried grasses, mature fruit (Apricot) Hints of citrus grasses, dried fruits and spices, Ginger and Maqui berry. (Guía La Semana Vitivinícola)

-Fresh, unctuous, Lengthy in the mouth, hints of stone and white fruits, pastry cream, aromatic herbs, Menthols and Fennel. (Guía Gourmets)


Tasting phase:

Strong tasting and fresh in the mouth, having great length and a highly aromatic persistence and complexity.

-Strong, savoury, dry, mineral with a slight touch of exotic woods (Incense and Sandal), excellently structured, lees, salty background, floral, white fruit, mountain herbs and balanced when it comes to acidity. (Guía La Semana Vitinícola)



The evolution of the wine in the bottle is excellent, reaching more complex hues, where in addition aromas of kerosene, honey, bitter orange peel and dried fruit, being fresh and full of aromatic sensations in the mouth.

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